BODIES: Prologue


8 billion. That’s the number of bodies that make up the world. And mine is one of them. And so is his, and hers, and theirs, and ours. The sizes they vary, and from them, personalities spring, some of them pleasant and some of them not.

As far as size goes, mine falls into the medium range–short enough but not petite, wide enough but not round, tan enough but not dark, innocent enough but not angelic. As far as personality goes, mine is more pleasant than not–sociable enough but not loud, observant enough but not distant, witty enough but not rude, innocent enough but not angelic.

1 of 8 billion.

That’s me.

That’s him.

That’s her.

That’s them.

That’s us.

US. It’s that one that lingers in mind for much longer than the others. What bodies make us? There’s me and there’s… who? 8 billion bodies in the world, and it’s that ONE that lingers in mind for much longer than the others.

There has to be one.

Somebody? Anybody? Everybody? Nobody?

“It’s me.”

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2 thoughts on “BODIES: Prologue

  1. I loved it Luu! I love your description of yourself and of others. Your personality shines through your work. I love reading books and with that beginning I was hooked and fully invested in reading more. Great job! I can’t wait to read the next one you create. ❤️


    1. @Chelsey, thank so much for reading. Really… I appreciate it so much. The description is actually of a fictional character though. Hehe. I like that you associated her with me though. 😁🙃 You’ll find in the following chapters that she is sooooo much cooler than me. 😩😆


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