Release of short story: Bodies

I’m excited to be releasing my first short story titled, BODIES, in January 2019. I’m sure this will come as a nuisance to most, but I will be releasing the 10 chapter story in increments, partly because it’s fun that way, and partly because I’m still in the middle of writing it. Ha. It’ll be much like my forum days when I’d write and update sporadically, only this time, I’m set to release each chapter on a more consistent schedule.

The heartbeat behind this story was to not take myself and my writing so seriously. I just wanted my thoughts to become words. For years, I worked tirelessly to “perfect” the craft of writing that I never actually ended up producing much or anything of substance. I wanted to try a different approach this time, so this story is simply me writing for the thrill of it.

I can’t wait to share with you the origins of this story about soulmates. It’s a good one.

Look forward to BODIES, coming January 18, 2019.

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