A cure to writer’s block?

You know the fascinating discovery I made about myself and my writer’s block? It matters what medium I use to write. Who knew?

Before the age of smartphones, I only ever had a clanking keyboard, large monitor, and the sound of dial up internet screeching in the modem beside me, then enormous laptop computers meant for my studies, and finally, the free Chromebook I was gifted for attending a cyber security training in my third year of teaching.

It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago as I was writing Bodies on my phone that I realized I could channel certain thoughts and emotions from my brain, to the tips of my thumbs, to the tiny little screen in my hands, most of which is done late at night when I’m sitting in the darkness of my room. In fact, by the time I’m finished writing Bodies, 90% of it will have been written on my phone.

That to me is insane. I’m just glad I finally found a cure for my writer’s block. Give your phone a try if you ever find yourself struggling to put your thoughts into words, and let me know if it helps!


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