Coronavirus: The Frustration.

Every writer plots a critical moment of decision for their characters, and I guess, though I knew I wouldn’t be plotting my own, I anticipated it, a critical moment of decision for myself in my own life.

Enter: Coronavirus, COVID-19. 

“This is it. If not THE moment, A moment. So the decision I’m going to make to SAVE LIVES is… stayyyy home?

If you want to talk anti-climactic… yeah, that’s as close to the definition as you could possibly get.

Yet, what a moment for all of humanity all across the world right now. All of our healthcare professionals and everyone considered essential are stepping into their respective roles to save lives today in the fight against COVID-19, and so must the rest of us.

Or so I thought? Am I wrong? Why are so many people resistant to doing their part?

Speaking for myself, I have—to fidelity—been STAYING HOME to save lives like it’s my Tony Stark Iron Man moment BECAUSE IT IS. This is literally life or death. Minimize the number of infections or see a spike in the number of deaths. I’m confused by the negative reaction to, or even the reluctance to or annoyance towards, the current restrictions put on America and the world at large. Why the pushback to staying home?

Economically speaking? Okay. Rent and bills screaming? That’s real. Physical, mental, and emotional health teetering? Fine.

Yet, if you do a little dance around the internet—news outlets and social media—you fast start to understand, mostly in the comments sections, that enough of us are sitting at home on our devices, secure in our 1) investments and money 2) the government 3) friends and family we can rely on.

Yes, there’s a large enough number of people who are truly suffering during the economic fallout of this pandemic, and it is irresponsible to forget about them, but there seems to be an equal number of people who are deprived mostly of their preferences, and dare I say, luxuries, complaining about what they’re unable to see, do, or get at a moment such as this. It has been those individuals who I have lost absolute patience and tolerance, but mostly respect, for.


We—literally the whole entire world—have been forced into a whirlwind of fear and uncertainty and are required to adapt. We’re in this together—Rich or Poor, Left or Right, This Race or That Race. No one is exempt. It is good and healthy to grieve through our losses, but it is debilitating and pointless to complain about them. We will—all of us—go through waves of anger, sorrow, frustration, annoyance, depression, anxiety, impatience, loneliness, confusion, emptiness. These emotions are natural during suffering, and should be confronted, rather than suppressed and ignored, but they shouldn’t be dwelled on.

Ultimately, what we each must decide is what we do inside this insanity.

If you have yet to figure out your role inside this pandemic for yourself, for your family, for your neighbors, for the world, or come to some sort of peace about it, be intentional about seeking it out so you can be the best version of you inside this madness and plan for the future when you’re out of it.

If I’m being truly honest, my critical moment of decision for myself in my own life has already come and gone three times before in 1) my mom’s tragic death 2) my dad’s alcoholic episodes 3) my baby brother’s right and fight to live, so take it from someone who’s familiar with the waves of hell: Everything’s going to be fine if you want it to be.

The choice is quite literally yours.

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